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How to Get Started

If you know any great companies that could use letsremotify services, you may now make money while also assisting them in growing their business.

Get Your Link

Click on the ‘Start Inviting’ button to acquire a personal invite link.

Share Your Link

Share your referral link and ensure signup. We’ll waive the bonus of up to $700.

Get Paid

When your friend gets registered and starts working, we’ll pay a referral bonus.

Who Can You Refer?

You are allowed to refer mid to senior-level talent within 3+ years of experience with the following skills:

  • Fron-End: Angular, Vue.js
  • Mobile: Objective-C, Swift, Kotlin
  • Designers: UI/UX, Graphics, Animators
  • Digital/Technical Project Managers
  • Digital Product Manager
  • Project Consultants
  • Back-End: Django, Express.js, Flask, Node.js, Golang, .NET, Python

letsremotify Recruiter Program

The recruiter program allows you and your referral (invitee) to earn a bonus. As soon as your referral signs up for a letsremotify recruiter program using your referral link and gets hired, you’ll receive the bonus. The amount of compensation varies depending on the country and current scenarios.

We offer the chance to recommend a friend to join letsremotify. You’ll earn $700 for every successful signup

If you know someone that could benefit from using our platform, don’t hesitate to refer them!

We are Global

Our impact on the world is visible through a strong presence and specialization to assist our highly-skilled talent community in the growing market.

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How it Works

The recruiter program at letsremotify turns beneficial through the following terms and conditions.


  • Learn about letsremotify.
  • Familiarize yourself with it.
  • Sign up for the letsremotify recruiting portal to receive your referral link and keep track of who is applying.
  • Get updates on WhatsApp (link will be sent via signup email) and ask admins any questions you may have.
  • Examine the job descriptions/requirements of prospective employees here.
  • Check out whether there are any candidates in your network that match our criteria and share their links with them.

Invite Your Friends and Earn for Each Referral Even better, your friends will earn too!


Explore Our FAQs

Explore our following frequently asked questions that will provide you with personalized help. letsremotify is here to make your Salesforce experience smooth and beneficial for your business.
What is letsremotify?
letsremotify is an exclusive network of top-line remote software developers, designers, marketers, project managers, product managers, and other tech experts. Our platform allows talented software developers to work with US firms.
What are the estimated rounds to clear the hiring before the selection?

After signing up and uploading a resume, you have to clear a few assessments and pass out interviews to make yourself eligible for a wide range of jobs available based on your skills.

What type of tech talent does letsremotify hire?
We are not confined to a few skills; we are open to hiring 100+ specialized people for over 100 skills like Python,  React/Node,  Rails,  Angular,  Swift,  React Native,  Android,  Java,  Golang,  PHP,  Vue,  UI/UX,  Design,  AI/ML, etc.
Do I need to be proficient in English to join letsremotify?
Yes, it is compulsory to have good communication skills and proficiency in the English language because our top 3% of tech talent work with top tech enterprises that demand English proficiency as a core need.