How to Hire an App Developer in the US: a Business Guide for 2023

Mar 14, 2023 | letsremotify Retail/Products

According to the research, approximately 145,000 app developers are currently working in the US. If your priority involves a remote hiring model, the talent pool increases hundreds of times. Hence, it is quite difficult to opt for the most suitable ones from a diverse number of app development experts.

Similarly, having different platforms like Upwork, LinkedIn, and local job boards. It gets confusing to decide which platform will make the process smoother and more transparent.
Therefore, we have come up with this guide for businesses in 2023 that are looking forward to hiring app developers from the US.

We aim to help you understand the process better and streamline it so that you can find the best talent as soon as possible.

7 Tips for Hiring App Developers in the US

Are you ready to learn how to hire a professional app developer in the US with minimal risk? For this, read the guide below.

Locate an app developer

To hire an app developer in the US, first, you have to decide where it is located. Although our mini-guide focuses on hiring local developers, projects with particular business needs may struggle to find competent IT professionals in their area. In this situation, you should consider hiring an engineer from a company that offers remote engineers or are near your location.

Choose the Format of Hiring (in-house or remote)

Hiring an app development company in the US under the in-house model for mutual communication and oversight of work processes may appear to be the most convenient choice. However, with the global shift towards remote employment (primarily owing to COVID-19 pandemic changes), it’s worth considering how you’ll deal with people who are available on a remote basis.

The fact is that at the same time, (or as a result of) numerous software applications emerged (or were popularized), allowing for seamless movement from internal team interaction to remote format communication, collaboration, and tracking.

Set Clear Requirements

Before you begin your hunt to hire app developers, it is essential that you have a clear idea of what your project demands and the technical requirements. Knowing the exact specifications allows you to create an effective job description.

Know Your Budget

The budget is one of the most important factors when hiring app developers.

Conduct an Interview

Let’s talk about the personal interview. It is impressive if a candidate has all the required knowledge to conduct through testing the hard and soft skills of your applicant who is practicing. On the other hand, such circumstances are quite uncommon in practice, especially when it comes to hiring specialists for narrow-focused projects. As a result, you should consider engaging a firm that is accountable for assessing talent for ability.

Approve Hiring at the Legislative Level

The most basic employment-contractor relationship is for the employer to sign an NDAs.

Ensure Onboarding

The last stage of our how-to-hire an application developer in the US guide is about onboarding and adapting new employees. This procedure can take months for inexperienced engineers, but experts with greater expertise should be able to start working on the project as soon as possible.

How letsremotify Can Assist You in Hiring an App Developer in the US

If you want to extract the most out of joining new application developers to your team, try learning about our approach to exploring talents, hiring them, and organizing their workflows. In particular, try letsremotify to build your next tech team.

letsremotify makes the remote hiring process easy and rewarding for both companies and developers. Business owners, startups, and enterprises can hire pre-vetted US-based remote tech talent across 100+ skills in 24 hours through our channel. We also provide a secure payment system, allowing for smooth transactions between companies and developers.


Contact us for expert assistance in hiring app developers, organizing their workflows, and calculating the project budget.

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