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Get AIaaS (AI as a service) to confidently build, deploy, manage, and govern predictive and generative AI for businesses. We deal with generative AI, production AI, computer vision, foundation models, LLms, Auto Data Labeling, model building, Model Ops, AI Lake, and more.

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Zac Christian

Full Stack Engineer

Zac Christian is experienced in developing, testing, and deploying applications using a range of technologies such as HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Angular, Node.js, SQL, Rails, and Ruby.

Placed at

Mariy Riggs

Senior Rails Developer

Having over 10 years of hands-on experience in web application development. Skilled in full stack of technologies, including Ruby and JavaScript frameworks, HTML, CSS, and relational databases.

Placed at

Angelo Haley

Python Developer

I am an experienced Senior Python Developer working in the software development for 8 years, developing multiple web-based applications using both Ruby on Rails and Python frameworks.

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A quick, production-grade, deep-learning AI platform

Hire and Get Hired

Make your day-to-day artificial intelligence engineers hiring with letsremotify; We make remote hiring of Machine Learning Engineers and Artificial intelligence engineers to make business processes easy and rewarding for both companies and talent. We help you leverage AI to transform your big data into actionable insights through AI Consulting Services. Achieve profitable growth and enhance productivity to establish AI as a core competency within your organization.

Top AI as a Service Company

Our enterprise offerings encompass a range of AI-as-a-service solutions. Together, let’s amplify success!

Microsoft Azure

Here are the following Microsoft Azure AI services:

  • Cognitive Services
  • Cognitive Search
  • Azure Machine Learning (AML)
  • Bot Services


Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers diverse AI and ML services, including

  • Sagemaker
  • Lex
  • Polly
  • Recognition

Google Cloud

Google Cloud offers diverse cloud AI services, including

  • AI Platform
  • AI Hub
  • Conversational AI Services

AI as a Service

Types of AI as a service we offer

Find the crème de la crème of remote AI consultants, and artificial intelligence engineers with top-tier skills that match your business needs. Discover AWS AI services for computer vision, automated data extraction and analysis, language AI, customer experience improvement, business metrics, code and DevOps, Industrial AI, healthcare, and more. Available for hire within 24 hours.

Computer   Vision

Automated data extraction and analysis

Language AI

Improve Customer Experience

Business Metrics


Industrial AI

Code and DevOps

One-Stop Platform to Offer All Your AI Needs

Get quick value with a secure, unified intelligence layer that enables generative and predictive AI on your existing cloud and hybrid environments, making it easier to comprehend and use.

Everything you need to get value

Elevate your cloud environments, workflows, tools, and distributed teams to build incredible predictive and generative AI solutions with consistent experience.

Leverage the power of generative and predictive AI

Leverage the power of AI across all aspects of your business to maximize value. Unlock new opportunities by developing custom generative AI applications that seamlessly integrate with your existing operations.

Govern and monitor every workload, model, and AI asset

Ensure the quality of generative and predictive AI solutions in production. Update, maintain, and monitor your AI assets through distributed cloud landscapes and endpoints.

Best-of-breed tools for bringing your vision to life

Letsremotify is designed to offer ecosystems that are built and how teams work together. Our artificial intelligence engineers rely on multiple tools with our open, predictive, and generative AI to integrate data platforms and MLOps processes, GenAI applications, DevOps tools and business applications.


Choose letsremotify UI/UX consultants to create a user-centered interface for your digital solutions. Achieve proven business results with ease.
.Net Core + Angular

Data Platforms

Choose letsremotify UI/UX consultants to create a user-centered interface for your digital solutions. Achieve proven business results with ease.

.Net Core + Angular

APIs and Services

Choose letsremotify UI/UX consultants to create a user-centered interface for your digital solutions. Achieve proven business results with ease.

.Net Core + Angular

Business Apps and Intelligence

Choose letsremotify UI/UX consultants to create a user-centered interface for your digital solutions. Achieve proven business results with ease.

.Net Core + Angular

Deployment Infrastructure

Choose letsremotify UI/UX consultants to create a user-centered interface for your digital solutions. Achieve proven business results with ease.

.Net Core + Angular

Generative AI

Choose letsremotify UI/UX consultants to create a user-centered interface for your digital solutions. Achieve proven business results with ease.

.Net Core + Angular

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Simple Onboarding Process

We have created an easy-to-use onboarding process to ensure that you get the most out of our services right away. From setting up your account to creating a project brief, everything is done in minutes.

24/7 Customer Service

We provide round-the-clock customer service so you can get help whenever you need it. Our team is available via email, phone, and chat to answer any questions or resolve issues that may arise.

Cutting-edge Data Protection

We use cutting-edge encryption technology to keep all information safe and secure. All data is stored in a secure environment with multiple layers of protection to ensure that your details are kept safe from unauthorized access.

Streamlined Workflow

Our user-friendly tools make it easy for you to manage projects, collaborate with colleagues and keep track of all your tasks. We have streamlined our workflow to easily access and edit documents within a few clicks.

Always there when you need

Our team of customer service professionals helps whenever you may need it. We strive to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and we show our availability to answer questions or address issues.

Comprehensive Reporting

Our comprehensive reporting provides you with detailed insights into your projects’ progress. You can monitor tasks, review documents, track time spent working on a project, and much more. You can take this information at any time.



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Remote Tech Talent
Perfect place to work remotely! I’ve been working with the team at letsremotify for a few months now, and I can honestly say that it has been one of the most positive experiences of my career. The quality of their remote teams is second to none; they understand our needs, deliver high-quality work on schedule and always with a friendly attitude. The team at letsremotify makes it easy to communicate and collaborate even though we’re in different locations.
Remote Tech Talent
Anna Axelrod
Remote Tech Talent
Cool Team, Cool people, Cool platform to vet and join as a talent. My past experience is amazing and I’m extremely pleased with the results. The team has been able to quickly understand my business objectives and provide top-notch talent to help us reach our goals. Communication was smooth throughout the process, and their remote setup allows them to scale quickly when needed. On top of that, I’ve found their customer support team to be very responsive. Thanks!
Remote Tech Talent
Kinan Mahmud
Remote Tech Talent
One of the best experiences of my professional career. Their team of remote experts is highly skilled and knowledgeable, making them perfect choice for complex projects. They are also incredibly responsive to client feedback. Overall, I would highly recommend letsremotify as reliable partner for any remote base company looking to make a great impression on its clients.
Remote Tech Talent
Chinazor Shokunbi
Remote Tech Talent
I’m pretty happy with letsremotify. They’ve saved me hours of work with their highly skilled remote developers, who are always available to quickly respond to my requests. The team has enabled me to create a web application that meets all of my needs. They’ve provided clear communication throughout the entire process and have gone above and beyond in helping me get the most out of my project.
Remote Tech Talent
Trevor Lanyon

Maximize the Value of Your Cloud Investments

Save an average of 16% on direct infrastructure-related costs when using Azure.

Achieve an average three-year cost savings of 37% by running equivalent workloads on Azure.

Save up to 54% on total cost of ownership with Azure compared to running on-premises.

AI as a Service Use Cases and Examples

With the constant accumulation of data in organizations amid ongoing digital transformation, AIaaS provides a chance for businesses to implement and scale AI while leveraging the benefits of analytics. As we enter 2023, the AIaaS landscape continues to expand with more organizations embracing new AI advancements.


  • APIs
  • Machine Learning (ML) Services
  • Data Classification

Benefits of AI as a Service

Organizations are quickly recognizing the benefits of leveraging AIaaS for their operations. By utilizing an AIaaS model, businesses gain access to a robust suite of services and resources. This allows companies to reduce operational costs, increase efficiency, and improve customer experience. Additionally, organizations can predict customer behavior more accurately and optimize decision-making processes with improved accuracy.

In 2023, organizations are embracing AIaaS due to the following benefits:


  • Decreasing costs and investments in building AI services in-house
  • Reducing reliance on and expenses for IT infrastructure overhauls
  • Minimizing the need for extensive technical support and hiring new talent
  • Enabling data science and business professionals to concentrate on industry-specific use case development
  • Enhancing data management
  • Enabling the implementation of advanced analytics

Our Artificial Intelligence Capabilities

We make it easy to unlock the value of AI with our diverse set of capabilities. We enable pre-trained models, and custom ML solutions, and bring business processes to life with intelligent automation.

  • Create lifelike digital assistants for more meaningful customer interactions.
  • Gain key insights with predictive analytics and machine learning algorithms.
  • Streamline complex processes with automated bots and machine learning models.
  • Leverage pre-trained models to quickly deploy AI solutions.
  • Accelerate the development of custom ML models with powerful tools and frameworks.

These capabilities are supported by our comprehensive suite of AI services, including Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, Bot Service, and other specialized intelligent apps.

Our Capabilities

Generative AI:

Generative AI makes it possible to create and customize models using a combination of generative algorithms, deep learning techniques, natural language processing (NLP), and other sophisticated machine learning strategies.

Predictive Analytics:

Leverage powerful predictive analytics tools to quickly uncover valuable insights from data.

Data-Led Transformation:

We help organizations drive greater value from data by leveraging innovative technologies such as big data, streaming analytics, and cloud computing.

AI Deployment & Orchestration:

Take advantage of our orchestration and deployment capabilities to quickly deploy AI solutions.


Leverage robotics to automate mundane tasks and increase operational efficiency.

Solution AI: 

Our AI-powered solutions are designed to augment existing processes and enable enterprises to make more informed decisions.

Data Governance & Compliance: 

Ensure data governance objectives are met with the deployment of automated rules, policies, and regulations.


Establish robust safeguards against malicious actors by leveraging cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain, encryption, and authentication.

Responsive AI: 

Build responsive and adaptive AI solutions that can quickly react to changing business requirements.


Seamlessly integrate AI-powered applications into existing IT infrastructure.

Analytics & Visualization: 

Leverage advanced analytics and visualization techniques to gain deeper insights from data.

Conversational AI:

Develop Conversational AI solutions that empower businesses to engage customers effectively and optimize operational efficiency. Harness the power of AI to enhance customer interactions and streamline processes seamlessly.

Robotic Process Automation: 

Implement robotic process automation to automate mundane tasks and free up resources for other activities.

AI & Scale:  

Our AI-powered solutions are designed to Develop AI-based solutions that can scale up to meet growing demands.

Security & Compliance: 

Ensure data security and compliance with industry standards by using advanced encryption, authentication, and blockchain technologies.

Content Intelligence: 

Utilize content intelligence technologies to automate and improve content production.

Data Lake Solutions: 

Build data lake solutions that can store, process, and analyze vast amounts of structured and unstructured data.

Cloud Computing & Edge Computing: 

Leverage cloud computing and edge computing architectures to optimize performance across distributed systems.

AI Power Automation:  

Use AI-driven automation solutions to optimize workflows and streamline processes.

Climate Weather & Risk Management: 

Develop predictive models that use climate data to inform risk management strategies.

Our Offerings

Our portfolio of services includes the necessary skills and resources to provide end-to-end content intelligence solutions. We have expertise in artificial intelligence, data lake solutions, cloud computing architectures, edge computing architectures, and climate weather & risk management technologies. 

With our comprehensive range of offerings, we can deliver the best solution for your specific needs. Here are a few additional.

Democratize AI: 

We leverage artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to build democratized AI tools that can be used without coding by everyone in the enterprise.

Applied AI: 

We use an AI-driven platform to create real-time insights and actionable intelligence from large volumes of data.

Responsive AI:

We use AI-driven algorithms to automatically respond to customer queries and feedback in real-time.

Generative AI: 

We use generative AI models to generate new data, insights, and products from large volumes of existing data.

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Explore Our FAQs

Explore the following frequently asked questions to find relevant information about our company, products, and services. If you need further details, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help!

What is applied Artificial Intelligence?
Applied artificial intelligence is a field of study that uses machine learning algorithms and other technologies to develop intelligent systems that can process large amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make decisions. It has applications in many industries, including healthcare, financial services, retail, transportation, manufacturing, and more.
What is the cost of Artificial Intelligence?
The cost of artificial intelligence depends on the type and complexity of the project. Generally, projects that require more sophistication or larger datasets will cost more. For example, a project that requires large datasets may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, while a simpler project may cost only a few thousand dollars. Additionally, companies often provide discounts for long-term contracts and bulk orders.
Will "Artificial Intelligence" be capitalized on in the future?
Yes, Artificial Intelligence will continue to be a major factor in the way businesses operate and will remain an important part of our lives in the future. As technology advances, AI-based solutions will become more sophisticated and cost-effective, allowing companies to increase their efficiency and reduce costs.
How can businesses harness the power of AI to gain a competitive edge and reap substantial benefits?
AI can benefit businesses in a variety of ways. For example, companies can use AI to automate mundane tasks like data entry and generate insights from customer data. AI can also be used to investigate complex problems that would otherwise take too much time for humans to solve.
What does "AI as a service" mean?
AI as a Service (AaaS) is an umbrella term for cloud-based services that utilize artificial intelligence to provide businesses with access to advanced analytics tools and predictive models. With AaaS, companies can access powerful AI solutions without having to invest in expensive hardware or develop their own algorithms.
How does AI implementation appear in practice?
AI implementation can take on many forms and vary greatly depending on the use case. In general, an AI system requires data to train and learn from, algorithms for making decisions, computing power for processing data and running models, a platform to deploy models in production and applications that utilize the models.